About us

"Us" is at this moment Annelies Rotte and Gerben Rienk Visser. We're living in Amsterdam, Holland and since 1996 we have been working as datamanagers on a wide variety of Clinical Trials. (Take a look at our LinkedIn-pages, here and here for an update on this. And link us.)
All these trials were by academic or non-profit organisations and the trials were anywhere from Europe to Asia. The datamanagement was done by whatever was affordable and/or at hand: MS Access, Excel, SPSS, MS-SQL server, web-sites using ASP, PHP or JSP and, last but not least, Oracle Clinical/RDC.
Since some years the standards for datamanagement of these trials were raised and not only for Phase I to IV trials: many scientific journals demand almost FDA's 21 CFR Part 11. Institutions that can afford it use for example Oracle Clinical for this. But for the rest of us there is LibreClinica: "the real open source electronic data capture (EDC) for clinical studies".

Since 2010 we have have been using LibreClinica and it's ancestor, OpenClinica, in various situations for many different companies and institutions. Our activities range from designing CRFs to writing Validations, to interfacing with proprietary systems, to importing data, installing LibreClinica, etc.
Furthermore we give short training-courses like "Your LC-study up and running in less than 3 hours", but also full-scale two-day training-courses, covering every aspect of LibreClinica. And of course training-courses, tailored to specific wishes.

If you have any questions about what's on this site, or if you would like to hire us for advice about, training in or installations of LibreClinica (or whatever else you can think of), please send an e-mail to info@trialdatasolutions.com

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