our top five

To make life as easy as possible for you, here are the five pages of our site (plus a bonus-page) that were viewed the most in the last two weeks. In this list only the how-to-pages are included.

  1. a visual analogue scale or VAS
  2. showing or hiding items on a CRF using a rule (OC 3.1)
  3. changing the layout of a CRF
  4. deselecting a radio-button
  5. the number of days between two dates
  6. using items from other Events

If this is not exactly, or not at all what you're looking for, then mail us and maybe we can create a nice page to help you and others.




  • libreclinica v1.2.1 released

    → more      11-11-2022

  • libreclinica v.1 released

    → more      27-2-2020

  • defaults in a grid

    → more      9-2-2018

  • an automatic row number

    → more      9-1-2017

  • workshop java-script

    → more      12-7-2015

  • de-selecting radio's in a group

    → more      9-12-2014